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Complete Flood and Water Damage Restoration Services in San Diego

Flood and water damage is an emergency and many times, one of the most destructive that adversely affects property. Any home or business that has endured water damage, desperately needs professional flood and water damage restoration service immediately. Time is truly of essence, the more expeditious the remediation and drying process, the less the damage and the faster your property can return to pre-loss condition.

Flood and water damage restoration in your home or place of business should always be dealt with promptly and efficiently. Left untreated, water causes serious additional damage to your property and provides a fertile breeding ground for mold and other toxins. Mold and toxins begin to grow upon delays in water extraction and with improper drying. In order to prevent mold growth, the drying process should start no later than 48 hours after the flood began and a typical clean-flood water takes three to five days to completely dry the structure.

Should such a disaster occur and the intervention of your Insurance Company is required, an additional factor should be considered. Always be sure that the contractor has your best interest in mind. This can be accomplished by you selecting the contractor rather than merely accepting one selected by the Insurance Company, whose loyalty may be vested with the Insurance Company rather than the homeowner. To view the California Administration governing Regulation, Title 10, Subchapter 7.5 Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices in the Business of Insurance – 10 CCA ADC § 2695.9 – (Click Here)


You can trust your home or business to our professional technicians to provide a fast, safe and reasonable solution to protect your property. Our company is properly licensed, insured and certified by the IICRC and always follows the current IICRC guidelines on all phases of water damage restoration.

Our Flood and Water Damage Emergency restoration Services Includes any or all of the following as needed:

1 Hour Response Time 24/7
Emergency Water Extraction
Emergency Repairs
Pump-Out Under Structure

Electronic Moisture Detection
Free Estimates
Sewage Remediation

Mold & Mildew Prevention
Work Guaranteed 1 full year

In addition, we provide Water / Flood Damage Restoration Services including;

Complete Reconstruction of Property
Structural Repairs, Framing
Drywall Repair, Texture and Painting

Commercial, Residential, High-Rise
Hardwood Floor Restoration
Cabinetry Repair or Replacement

Kitchen && Bath Remodeling
Interior Plaster, Exterior Stucco Experts

Simply stated, let us turn your Misfortune into a Blessing and Upgrade your Property Altogether.


When water damage occurs, here are some helpful tips

What to Do:

Do – Shut off water supply if possible.
Do – Take multiple pictures of the water damage.
Do – Move your paintings, art objects, photos and all valuables to a safe dry location if possible.
Do – Remove, if possible, or prop up, upholstery, cushions and other furniture subject to damage.
Do – Remove area and throw rugs from wet floors.
Do – Gather as many loose items from the floor as possible.

What NOT to Do:

Do Not Take any chances with electrical shock.
Do Not Enter any area with standing water.
Do Not Vacuum anything.
Do Not Walk on wet surfaces if possible.
Do Not Leave books, magazines or other items on wet floors that can bleed colors.
Do Not Delay, the longer you wait the more damage occurs. You need help now. Call D-Mac your local certified professional.


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Major Cleaning and Damage due to Fire, Flood or Mold.

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“One call does it all” – From Residential, Retail and Corporate Cleaning to large Restoration projects, D-Mac Restoration, Inc., is a fully licensed California General Contractor servicing the entire San Diego Metropolitan area and carry General Liability Insurance as well as Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

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